I’m a TED Global speaker — it was my first-ever public speech, by the way. Why not start at the top if you’re going to do something? You have nothing to fear but failure, and failure is no big deal usually. It’s how we learn.

As a journalist and photojournalist for Gannett, Media General, and Star Publishing, I learned to spot great stories and had a hand in writing or contributing to many great stories, stories that made a national impact.

Later, I also started my own newspaper in Washington State and became the first newspaper to become a legal paper of record in the state in 40 years. 

My passion is hearing and telling people’s stories because I’ve seen how even the simplest story can change things. I’ve written and/or developmentally edited over 100 books, and I’m working on several books of my own.

My background in various people-centric jobs (massage therapist, police officer, raft guide, woodland firefighter, and journalist) gave me the listening, reporting, and writing skills to help others write their books.


Becky is a former journalist, now a ghostwriter and graphic designer. 

She was a Top Writer of 2018 for Quora.com

A TED Global Speaker, Oxford, England (2009), 

A Speaker for the National Coalition of Homelessness (May 2010), 

Founder The Virginia Entrepreneur (http://virginiaentrepreneur.com

Journalist/Photojournalist for Media General, Jones Group, Landmark & The Knoxville Journal.

Currently writes and is an Associate Editor for Airstream Life Magazine, and for Change.org.

Former Assistant Advertising Director Fortune 500.

Contributor to Case Studies eBook: Seth Godin’s Triiibes.

Founded The Klickitat County Monitor 2001- first newspaper to become a legal paper of record in WA state in 40 years.


Top Essay out of 60,000 entries, “The Monster,” in Tim Russert’s best-selling book “Wisdom of Our Fathers, Letters from Daughters and Sons.” (page 141)

American Profile

Woman’s World

Dog FancyAirstream Life

Trailer Life

Creative Loafing

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AOL: Cars, the Latest Form of Affordable Housing

Six Minutes: How to Give the (TED) Talk of Your Life

National Public Radio (NPR) Charlottesville, VA 2016 National Public Radio (NPR) The Netherlands 2010

Inspiration Radio Podcast: InspiRadio, a talk show in the UK, interviewed Becky recently (May 2011)

Original member Seth Godin’s social media site, “Triiibes.com.”Winner of 4th Todd Newfield Award from Jeremy Epstein.

Mashable: Five People Who Broke The Rules of Social Media and Succeeded

The Mary Lou Henner Show 2015

The Women’s Empowerment Hour (March 17, 2010)

First winner of the Sandcrate.com “Big idea” award (January 2014)

Ghostwriter for speakers/authors for Wall Street Journal, and The Jerusalem Press,

OPEN, Inc.

Woodland Fire Fighter, Red Card Certified

Graduate, Colorado Police Academy

Graduate, Virginia School of Massage

Specialties: Writing, editing, design, marketing, social media, photography, media relations, publishing, internet marketing, PR and copywriting.