Your customers will value what you value

Your customers will value what you value – from excellence, to the lowest price on the block. We attract what we value. If you’re stingy, and believe in scarcity, you’ll attract customers who want to nickle and dime you to death. If you’re generous, helpful, giving, you’ll attract customers who are the same way. You […]... Read More

It is what it is

My van, the one I just sunk $1,500 in repairs to, and filled with $40 of gas, blew a rod yesterday. I live in a rural area so there are no buses, subways, trains or even Uber. Taxis start at $65 for a 10 mile ride into town. In the past I would have pouted, […]... Read More

You’ve already arrived

You’ve already arrived. Your life is not about who you are “going” to be, or who you “want” to be. You are you right here and now. When you fail to live in the present you fail to understand where you’ve been or where you might go. I say “might” because there is no guarantee […]... Read More

First things first, cover last?

I start all my books by designing my cover first. That way I’m inspired. I also don’t have to pay me to do a cover. If you’re insisting on creating your book cover before you write your first chapter, remember that focusing on the “pretty” or the “inspiring” can also be a way of procrastinating. […]... Read More

Never edit till it’s over

The most common mistake new, and old, writers make is they try to edit something before they’ve finished writing it. That’s like trying to put icing on a cake before you bake it. You can’t do it, and if you try, it’s going to ruin it.... Read More

Writing a book is never about the book

Writing a book is never about writing a book. It’s an exercise in self-discovery. That’s why so few people ever finish the book(s) they start. They’re not ready to discover themselves. You can’t write if you can’t examine your own thoughts, feelings, and angst about your life. You just can’t. Maybe you can churn out […]... Read More